Race registration

Do you have any chronic illness?
If yes,please specify?

Do you have a physical disability?
If yes,please specify?


• Is there a prize at the end of the race?

No. There is no financial reward at the end of the race but the first lady and man will be given the change to paraglide from the Tahtalı mountain and suprise activity rewards will be given to the winners of the different categories

• Yarışa nereden kayıt olabilirim?

You must first register on the site to be able to register for the race. After registering on the website you will be sent an activation mail and as soon as you confirm your registration will be complete. While activating your registration add ,by clicking on the race registration field ,your health certificate or license and the receipt of payement.If no problem occurs after a last controle , another mail will be sent to you with your chestnumber fort he race.

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