Chimera Run

Participation is limited to 300 athletes.

Any competitor who has reached the age of 18 can participate in the race. Each competitor who has submitted a valid health report and completed his / her payment shall be deemed eligible to participate in the competition.

Health reports or licenses are mandatory. During registration, a photocopy must be submitted at the registration desk.

Health reports must have been received in the last 6 months. It should be written on the heath report that there is no objection fo doing the running sports.

License valid federations:

Turkish Athletic Federation

Turkish Mountaineering Federation

Turkish Triathlon Federation

Turkish Orienteering Federation

Turkish Cycling Federation

Licenses other than these will not be valid.

The visa date of the licenses must not expire before 18 May 2019.

Participation fees are stated in the table below.

Chimera Run



15 January - 1 March

 2 March - 15 April 

16 April - 10 May


100.3 TL

129.8 TL

153.4 TL

Cancellation conditions:

- If for any reason the race is abandoned, the following return Conditions shall apply:

- 70% of the race fee is refunded if there is more than 60 days for the race day.,

- 50% of the race fee is refunded if there is an abandonment  between 30- 60 days for the race day,

- No registration fee will be refunded less than 30 days before the race.

 Changes requested prior to the last Registration Day:

 - No refunds will be made for the lower fee race.

- The difference between the date of payment and the date of transfer must be paid for the higher fee race.

Participation fee payment

Participants can make the fee payment determined for the competition by transferring it to the specified bank account or by EFT.

Referral as a description of "Tahtali Berg Sky Race name/surname" must be specified

Bank Information:

Turkish Economy Bank


In the name of POLAT DEDE

IBAN NO: TR 51 0003 2000 0000 0057 7638 61

*After the payment by wire transfer or EFT, you should send your receipt in PDF or JPEG format to  bilgi@rossist.com  address.

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