Olympos Teleferik Berg Sky

The adventures continues at the Tahtalı…3800 meters above the sea level!

We are inviting you to a journey in the lycian civilization on Nomad ways next to cliffs,with lots of ascents and one descent only;Sometimes running and sometimes climbing…

The Tahtalı Berg Sky race with its 58 K length and 3800 meters altitude,is dedicated to a lasting member of our team who dedicated his life to the mountains and passed away at a young age due to a heart attack;BERK ÜK.We believe that his name will be immortalized with this race.

This race will start at 0 meter sea level in Çıralı and ends at the OlyposCable car substation. Totally,from start to finish,there are 6 stations.Every station is accesible by car but a large part of this race is not. If you would like to have a support team on spot,we will inform you about the check points. Only 4 km of the track,or 8%,consists of asphalt.The remaining parts consist of pathways.

The Tahtalı Berg Sky race,which will start on one of the best 10 beaches of the world,The Çıralı beach. The first 2 km of will be run on asphalt.Then,202 Yanartaş-Chimera steps will be climbed,after this hard climb ,the only downhill course of the first 27 km of this race will start.After the descent,accompanied by the gumble of the Ulupınar and underneath the plane trees’ shadows,you will reach to the 9 km check point.From here 18 km will only be an ascending track.400 meters after the Sportive Ulupınar check point,the main road will be crossedand 1.5 km will be continued in ascent on asphalt.At the end of the asphalt road you will enter in the woods and the race will continue in these woods until the 18.46 km Maarif Beycik check point.The average declination is 15 % and maximum 38%.

The Maarif Beycik check point is the most important point of this race.Here ,There are benefits of a well-fed as good as possible. After this point you will be running 8 km in a slope 50 % at least. From Beycik to Tahtalı mountain top-2365meters-tehre is only one water point at Emzikli çeşme at 22,5 km of the race. The time limit to the top of the race is 7 hours. To 1800 meters you will continue running in the woods after you will be running on scree.

If you do not reach to the top within the determined time limit you will be disqualified.

The Tahtalı mountain top is the 3rd check point.After this point you will be descending approximately 14 km..An incredibly beautiful descent is waiting for you on scree,stabilized ground and pathways. After 14 km descent and before the ascent, the 4th check point at 45.25 km of the race at Yayla-Kuzdere. To reach Yayla Kuzdere that is on 800 meters altitude,you will need to lose 1500 m altitude during the 12 km descent. The time limit to YaylaKuzdere is 11 hours. The contestants who do not reach that limit ,will be disqualified. After the YaylaKuzdere check point you have to get to 1600 meters from 800 meters in 4 km. At this time of the race we switch to terrain without Nomad ways and paths.We will pass next to the dangerous cliffs and reach to the finish point at 58.80 km the Olympos cable car substation.

 StationDistance (Km)

To Next

Start Çıralı -- 9,60 -- --
1 Ulupınar 9,60 9,20 -- Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker
2 Beycik 18,80 8,55 4,30 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Chocolate, Mineral Water, Lemon, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Doctor
3 Olympos Teleferik Zirve 27,35 6,75 7 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Soup, Pasta, Doctor
4 Çukuryayla 34,10 11,20   Water, Fruit, Coke
5 Yaylakuzdere 45,50 13,30 10 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Mineral Water, Limon, Tea
Finish Olympos teleferik Alt İstasyon 58,80 -- 14 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Tea, Soup, Pasta, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Doctor

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