Berg Sky Race

The Adventure Continues from where it left off . At sea level 3800 meters altitude gain. We call you on a wonderful journey in the civilizations of Tahtalı Mountain and Lycia, along the Yörük roads, on the edge of the cliff, on a climb when the time comes

The Tahtalı Berg Sky Race, 58.8 km long and 3800 meters + altitude gain, was dedicated to Berk Ük, who was a permanent member of our team dedicated to the mountains and died as a result of a heart attack at a young age. We believe his name will be immortalized together with this race.

     The race will start at a height of 0 metres on Çıralı beach and will end at Olympos cable car Sub Station. There are 7 stations, including the start and finish. Every station is accessible by car, but there is no car access to a large part of the course.

If you want to have a support team there, you will be informed about the checkpoints.Destek verilebilecek kontrol noktaları Beycik ve Yaylakuzdere kontrol noktalarıdır.

Just 5 km of the course,.in other words, 9% of it consists of asphalt;the other sections are path.
     Berg Sky Race is also the first 3 km from Çıralı Beach, which is considered one of the 10 best beaches in the world. Then you will reach the first checkpoint at 9.60 km by running from the Yanartaş( Chimera). It's 18 miles from here, it will just be the uphill.

It will be continued upwards from the Ulupınar check point. After the asphalt is finished, it will be entered in the forest and run through the forest until the Beycik control point at 18.80 km. In this section, the average slope is around 15% and the maximum slope is around 38%.

 Beycik check point is one of the important points of the race.Here, when possible, it is useful to eat well. 8 km from this point,you will run along a slope of up to 50%.

From Beycik to The Tahtalı Mountain 2365 meters summit,the only water point is at 22.5th kms in Emzikli Çeşme. The time set for the summit is 7 hours. If you do not reach the summit during this time, you will be considered disqualified.

Tahtalı Summit is the 3rd check point of the race. 4th check point is the water station at Çukuryayla.After there, at 45.50 kms,you will reach the 5th check point,Yaylakuzdere.

The time limit for Yaylakuzdere is 11 hours. The contestant who can not reach this time is considered disqualified.. From this point on, we are going to move to the Yörük roads and non-path areas. It's gonna cross the edge of the dangerous cliffs, and we will reach Olympos cable car Sub Station, which is the finish point at 58.80 kms.

Between Yaylakuzdere and sub-station is the most technical and difficult part of the race.

Finishing time of the course is 15 hours.


On the road, you will find historical Lycian road signs and signs of the Beydağlar hiking paths. In addition,
you will have red and white signs and natural signs.
Our friends in charge will help you at the point where you can be lost. In 2017,
we added guidance signs for you.
These marks will be placed on the turning points and the points where people get lost the most.

As the organization team, we are marking as much as we can and try to minimize the risk of losts and accidents.
You will minimize the risk of loss if you load KML files into your running watches and GPS navigation.

 StationDistance (Km)

To Next

Start Çıralı -- 9,60 -- --
1 Ulupınar 9,60 9,20 -- Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker
2 Beycik 18,80 8,55 4,30 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Chocolate, Mineral Water, Lemon, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Doctor
3 Olympos Teleferik Zirve 27,35 6,75 7 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Doctor
4 Çukuryayla 34,10 11,20   Water, Fruit, Coke
5 Yaylakuzdere 45,50 13,30 10 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Mineral Water, Limon, Tea
Finish Olympos teleferik Alt İstasyon 58,80 -- 14 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Doctor

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