Tahtalı Ultra Sky

Get ready for a feast

You would want to run Turkey’s first sky running 97 K and 5200+ race.

Mammut Tahtalı Run to Sky,pioneer in our country in sky running contests,started with 28K and continues with 97 K

The Mammut Tahtalı Ultra Sky entering the category of ultra XL sky marathon,is created to turn around the tahtalı mountain in 360 degrees.

Only 10 km of the track,a 10 %,consists of asphalt.The remaining parts consist of pathways.

Routes that never been passed before,Nomad trails,unique landscapes,mountain goats,cliffs will accompany you during your run.

The start point of the race is the Çıralı town at the sea level.

The first 3 km of the Mammut Tahtalı Ultra Sky race ,which will start on one of the 10 best beaches of the world,the Çıralı beach ,will be ran on asphalt.Afterwards,202 Yanartaş-Chimera-steps will be climbed.After a hard climb the only only down ward track in the first 27 km will follow.After competion of the descent,accompanied by the grumble of Ulupınar stream and undenied

The plane trees shadow,the 9.60 km check point the main roadwill be crossed and 2 km will be continued in ascent on asphalt.

At the end of the asphalt road the woods will be entered and the race will continue in the woods till the Beycik check point at 18.80 km.

The average declination is 15 % and maximum is 38 %.

Beycik check point is one of the most important point of the race.Here it would be good to nourish as good as possible.

After this point you will be running for 8,55 km in a slope till 50 % there is only 22.5 km between Beycik and the 2365 meters Tahtalı mountain top.The time limit to the top is 7 hours.

Till 1800 meters the race continues in the woods afterwards the race continues on scree.

If you do not reach the top within the determined time you will be disqualified.

The Tahtalı mountain top is the third check point.

An incredibly beautifuldescentis waiting you on scree,stabilized ground and pathways.


To reach Yayla-Kuzdere that is on 880 meters attitudeyou will have to lose 1500 meters attitude during 14 km descent.

The time limit to reach YaylaKuzdere is 13 hours.

The contestants who do not reach that time limit will be disqualified.

      After Yayl-Kuzdere check point you will have to go from 880 meters attitude to 1600 meters in 4 km.At this point we changeto terrain without Nomad ways and tracks.We will pass next to dangerous cliffs and reach the Olympos cable cars substation. This is the 7th check point of the race at 67.40 km. From this point on its mostly descent.The deadline fort he 7th check point is 17 hours. This CP is Dropbag point. Participants coming in after this time will be disqualifield. For 7,60 km from the substation of the Olympos cable car to Tekirova town you will be losing attitude only.You will have to cross the main road before arriving Tekirova. So please be careful as you will be tired.

In Tekirova will run on asphalt for 2.5 km.,8th and the last check point Tekirova Bükü will be reached.Deadline is 20 hours.

17 km of the last 22 km consist of pathways and is very bumpy.The total length of the Tekirova-Çıralı-Lykia way is 22 km.

At this point the night will be falling or it will be dark so it is good to be prepared.

The Tekirova Bükü check point is at the 82nd km.

The last 2.5 km will be ran on asphalt and at the sea side.

The end point of the race is Çıralı town center.

Total deadlıne is 23 hours.


      You will after stamble across historical lycian way markingsand Beydağları walking markings.Except for those the Mammut signs and rock sequence signs will guide you.Our Offiacials will help you at certain points where you may get lost.

      For the race 2017, we added extra guiding signs also these will be put at the turning points and places easy to be get lost.

      As Organization Team we are doing our best as much as we can on marking and trying to minimize the lost-accident risks.

      You would minimize your risk of loss by installing KML files ,which will be on our website,to your running and GPRS watches.

 StationDistance (Km)Distance to the Next Station (Km)DeadlineReplenishment
Start Çıralı -- 9,60 -- --
1 Ulupınar 9,60 9,20 -- Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker
2 Beycik 18,80 8,55 4,30 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Chocolate, Mineral Water, Lemon, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Doctor
3 Olympos Teleferik Zirve 27,35 6,77 7 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Lemon, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Pasta, Soup, Doctor
4 Çukuryayla 34,10 12,45   Water, Fruit, Coke, Lemon
5 Gedelme 46,55 7,65 12 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Cheese, Olive, Bread,
6 Yaylakuzdere 54,20 13,20 14 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Mineral Water, Lemon, Tea, Cheese, Olive
7 Olympos Teleferik Alt İstasyon 67,40 14,60 Dropbag Point 18 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Tea, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Bread, Soup, Pasta, Doctor
8 Tekirova Bükü 82 14,80 21 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Mineral Water, Tea
9 Finish ( Çıralı ) 96,80   24 Hours Water, Fruit, Coke, Cracker, Cake, Mineral Water, Tea, Soup, Doctor

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