The Tahtalı Mountain

This is the mountain of the king of gods, Zeus.Zeus walked hand in hand with Hera through these forests. He thought Ares to fight in these forest. Of course the sea would approach the mountain of Zeus differently and the sun would rise differently here.The god of the seas Poseidon made different bays down here for Zeus.Artemis and Dionysos enabled the proliferation of Zeus’s beloved herbs on this mountain.Thereat this dense cedar forest, these step and long junipers and therefor it’s colorful boxwood.

In the mythology the Olympos ( Tahtalı) mountain was the Gods families winter Palace. And Zeus , the god of gods Zeus off course would be self-indulgent. That is why this custom made Tahtalı.At the beachfront. The sea as the bay adorned with visual beauty for Zeus.

The Tahtalı has 865 plant species among its flora.And interestingly , from those species 23 do not grow anywhere alse in the World but on the Tahtalı.It is also interesting that the in mythology Olympos named mountain , Tahtalı is named tahtalı.

This mountain and its sloops is lodging to the migratory rock doves. Coming from the North in large flocks they stay here for a while.As doves were called by locals 'Tahtalı' this mountain was called the Tahtalı mountain and has remained so. Once upon a time on these mountainsides , people would find the flocks of Thatalı doves buzzing , very mysterious.

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