Cirali, is a small town connected to the city of Kemer.Located within the boundaries of the Olympos National Park , where a 3 km of sandy beach was created as breeding ground for the sea turtles who are protected ( Caretta Caretta).The beach rises from the sea in a gentle slope and is bordered by cliffs on both ends.Overall the structure exists of fine-grained sand.North there is a river bed only flowing during winter months .On the South end the river flowing from the ancient city of Olympos through the village , reaches the sea .Thus , the Ciralı beach can be divided in 2 by the South Olimpos creek in Olympos and Çiralı.

The Ulupınar creek and canyon , the Lycian way , Olympos , along with Yanartas , cedar forest , and plateaus in contrary to similar areas nearby , remained far from a dense tourism and constructions , thanks to its 1st and 2nd degree natural and historical conservation status.


There lived a divine young man named Bellerophon on to Greece connected Argos He wanted to possess the flying horse Pegasos so badly, he ran for days after Pegasos on the mountain slopes but without success. One day the gods told him , through a dream , how he would be able to posses the horse . He , as the gods desired , was able to get in possession of the horse while it was drinking some water with a given golden gem. However one day Bellerophontes accidently killed someone. Therefore , he left Argos and took refuge in the Palace of the king of Tiryns ,Proitos.The Queen soon falls in love with this handsome young man.


She wanted to make love to him. Bellerephon didn’t want to disrespect the owner of the house where he was a guest and turned down the queen’s wish. She took revenge by lying to the queen and saying the young man wanted to force himself to her. If the King got angry he didnt kill his guest but sent him accompanied of a letter to his father in law the king of Lycia.

Bellerophon reached Lycia and the king met him near the Xanthos river and receive him for 9days.On the 9th day he received the letter his son in law sent him and understood he had to murder. However he didn’t kill Bellerophon but wanted Chimera to do it, in that way he thought to get rid of it.Chimera is a strange creature : in front lion and in the back snake , in the middle goat and emitting flames with his mouth.

Bellerophones went to fight Chimera on a winged horse named Pegassos.During the attack , Chimera lifts Pegassos in the air.While Bellerophontes descended to the ground he buried Chimera 7 floors under the ground with a lance. Only Chimera continues to emit flames from underneath the ground.

According to the in Anatolia foregoing legend which was passed on to us by Homeros , the still gushing flames are flames coming from the bottom of the earth where Chimera was burried.

To celebrate his victory Bellerophones held a race in Olympos.The athletes ignited the torch with the Holy Fire of Chimera and rant o Olympos.And thus , by adding different sports and by lasting several days the first Olympic games were held in Anatolia. Today the burned “Olympic Torch” is a symbol of the eternal fire of Chimera.

With its friendly people, beautiful coast, trout on the creeks ,Olympos with its antique village of Çıralı is amongst the worlds various paradises.

Appealing hotels, herbs selling shops , souvenir shops , fish eating at sunset are other goodies that can be considered .

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