Tahtalı Run To Sky

     The Tahtalı Run to Sky starting at sealevel and ending at 2365 above sealevel on the Tahtalı mountain , will take place on a trail of beauty unprecedented in the World.
     The first stage of the race which will start at 07:00 , determined in a common area , on the Ciralı beach will be the Çirali-Ulupınar stage.This 9.60 km long stage will take place in a gentle slope.
     The second stage of the race will be the 9.20 km long Ulupınar-Beycik stage and will be similar to the slope of the 1st stage.
     The contestants of which the chips will be read at the checkpoint in Ulupınar and in the square in Beycik will then start the toughest and steepest stage of the race , the 8.55 km long Baycik-Tahtalı mountain which ends at the summit of the Tahtalı mountain.

     The track consists mostly out of paths and 10% asphalt ways.At transitions and at sections where the slopes get more difficult our staff will Support the contestants with their knowledge .

     To complete the course a 7h span is given.Contestants unable to complete the race within this timespan , will be disqualified.

     Each contestant are required to complete the competition according to the partial qualification principles

     At the checkpoints in Sportive Ulupınar and Maarif Beycık with water and food will be provided.An ambulance , a doctor and a medical team will be available as well at those checkpoints.

     75%of the Tahtalı Run to Sky race will consist of climbing.10% will be asphalt and the remaining 15% will go downhill and on flat roads.The course has been prepared following the Lycian way.

     As will be apparent , the people who ran or walked the Lycian way marked it with red and white paint.You will be able to see these signs sometimes on an electricity pole,in a founatin and sometimes on a stone or tree.

     In average incline of the course is about 20% and at some places till 50%.The race that starts at sealevel , will give you some views that become more beautifull as you get higher.

     At the first checkpoint in Ulupınar you will be running under the shade of plane trees , at the checkpoint in Beycik you will be running under the shade of pine and cedar trees.

     Aside from the checkpoints on the road it is almost impossible to find water.Therefor it is important to fullfill your waterneeds at the checkpoints.

     There will be no straight paths after Beycik, it will only be climbing.

     The generally trail course of the Tahtalı Run to Sky race will occasionally change into asphalt,dirt road and scree.

     The last part of the race , the Tahtalı transition cone , consists of scree ground.


Distance to the
Next Station (Km)

Start Çıralı -- 9.60 -- --
1 Ulupınar 9.60 9.20 -- Water, Fruit, Cracker, Cola, Cake
2 Beycik 18.80 8,55 4,30 Hours Water, Fruit, Cracker, Cola, Cake, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Soda, Doctor
Finish Tahtalı 27.35 -- 7 Hours Water, Fruit, Cracker, Cola, Cake, Cheese, Olive, Tea, Soup, Doctor

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