Tahtalı Run To Sky


Tahtalı Run to Sky will start at sea level in Çıralı and end at the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, which is 2365 meters high, and will take place on a beautiful trail where even the world can not find its precedent.

 The first stage of this race will start at 07.00 in the morning on Çıralı beach and will be Çıralı Ulupınar stage through Lycian Way.This stage will last 9.60 km and will be passed with light slope.

The second stage of the race is 9.20 km long Ulupınar Beycik stage and the slope is similar to the first stage.

 The competitors who will pass along the check point formed in Ulupınar and Riviera Beycik Restaurant will run 8.55 kms long and the hardest and the steepiest stage of Beycik Tahtalı Mountain.

The course is usually made up of path stages and consists of 15% asphalt. In the sections where the transition and slope becomes difficult, the transition will be provided with the information and support of our team.

The time limit for the completion of the course is 7 hours, and the competitor who cannot complete the race within that time will be disqualified.

Water and food supplements will be made at the sub check points to be established in Ulupınar and Beycik and one doctor and health team will be available at this point.

75% of the Run to Sky Race consists only of climbing. The remaining 10% of the asphalt is composed of downhill and flat roads. The course was prepared following the Lycian Way paths.

The average slope in the course is around 20% and in some places,it is over 50%.

 The Last water point is at the Emzikli Çeşme point, 2.5 km from the Beycik station. You can drink water at this point.

Due to the harsh winter months, the road to the summit will be snow and we anticipate that the color of the race will change a little more.


On the road, you will find historical Lycian road signs and signs of the Beydağlar hiking paths. In addition, you will have red and white signs and natural signs.Our friends in charge will help you at the point where you can be lost. In 2018, we added guidance signs for you. These marks will be placed on the turning points and the points where people get lost the most.

As the organization team, we are marking as much as we can and try to minimize the risk of losts and accidents. You will minimize the risk of loss if you load KML files into your running watches and GPS navigation.


Distance to the
Next Station (Km)

Start Çıralı -- 9.60 -- --
1 Ulupınar 9.60 9.20 -- Water, Fruit, Cracker, Cola, Cake
2 Beycik 18.80 8,55 4,30 Hours Water, Fruit, Cracker, Cola, Cake, Tea, Cheese, Olive, Soda, Doctor
Finish Tahtalı 27.35 -- 7 Hours Water, Fruit, Cracker, Cola, Cake, Cheese, Olive, Tea, Doctor

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