Çıralı is located in the municipality of Kemer and is about 35km far from Kemer city center.

Airway Transfer

Çıralı town is 90 kms away from Antalya airport. If you are coming from the Airport follow the bus station/Kemer signs. You will be heading in the direction of Kumluca.10 km after the lights of Tekirova you will see the turn to Çıralı.

For the guests coming from abroad, there are flights from everywhere in the world as connecting flight through İstanbul(IST or SAW) or direct flight to Antalya airport(AYT) .

If you come by plane , you can come to Antalya with affordable prices by making early reservations.

If you come by bus, it is good to use the Kemer buses.It is easier and shorter to access Çiralı from Kemer then from Antalya.

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We recommend you to use the Burdur way to come to Çıralı, if you are coming with your private car. After passing the bus station,you can reach Çıralı by following the Kemer road signs. After Konyaaltı,a trip with a mountain and sea view will welcome you.

If you wish to come by yourself, it is 100 kms between the airport and Çıralı. You can reach the Antalya bus station from Antalya airport with the public bus number 600.You can get in a Kumluca bus and get off at Çıralı turn .It is 7 kms from Çıralı turn to fair area and there are paid buses that moves every 30 minutes.

Antalya is accessible from anywhere 12 months a year.

Antalya–Çiralı roadmap


Competitors who wish can put their personal belongings in a bag with their chest number written on it and can give it to one of the employees .The bags will be sent to the summit of the Tahtalı mountain before the race.

The organization doesn’t take responsibility for bags without chest number or lost bags.

For contestants who get ill or want to leave the race in Beycik , a periodic transfer will be available to get to Çiralı.

At the starting point of the Tahtalı Mountains cable car, a vehicle will transfer the contestants who arrive downstairs.


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