Disqualification causes and penalties

- The competitor whose health is not available can be removed from the race based on the decision of the referee.

- The competitor who starts the race with The Walking baton can not leave the baton at the checkpoint. If left, he/she will be punished with a penalty. 30 minutes

- Getting out of the marked tracks or to make more than 300 meters short cuts require time penalty. 1 hour

- Being disrespectful to other competitors before or after the race requires time penalty. 1 hour

- Making an action that endangers the health of the other competitors is a reason for disqualification based on the decision of the referee.

- Disobeying the decision of head referee,referee and doctor is a reason for disqualification.

- Competitors who throw garbage in any way or damage the environment will be punished with time penalty. Tahtali run to Sky is an eco-friendly and organization with the aim of protecting the environment. 30 minutes

- Not helping another competitor who needs help requires time penalty. 30 minutes

- Competitors who are missing the required materials will not be included in the race. The athlete who is missing the required materials in the race control will be disqualified.

- Taking support from outside the race, making someone outside the race carry the materials are warned in the first place and when second act repeated, he/she will be disqualified. 30 minutes

- Food support can be obtained 500 metres front and behind the check point.

- If there will be an objection made about the issue, it is necessary to make documentation and send the complaint via email to the bilgi@rossist.com (Photo, video recording, etc.))

 Run to Sky disclaimer and rule acceptance statement

- The one who completes the race in the shortest time will win.

- Chest numbers should always be visible ( For numbers that are not visible to the eye and cannot be read by the system,the competitors should make a statement in 48 hours to the organization. (until 20th of May, 2019, Monday evening at  23: 59. ) Otherwise, applications will not be accepted.

- The race starts at the specified time and with the crowd

- The right to change the course belongs to the organization. Changes may be made until 24 hours before the Race Time. You will be notified via the Web page.

- No material prizes are awarded for the race.

-Persons who do not have or are missing the necessary materials will not be included in the competition.

In such organizations , the implementation of the penalty system is connected with respect for the individual, the environment and the organization, and the rules will be strictly enforced.

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