Reasons for disqualification and penalties

- The loss of the chip (timing system) is a reason to disqualification , depending on the jury’s decision.

- Contestants with a non conducive Health condition , can be removed from the competition on decision of the referee.

- Contestants who start the race with a walking stick , cant leave their stick at a checkpoint. If left a 30min time penalty will be given.

- Deviating from the marked trails or make a shortcut will be punished with a time penalty of 30 min.

- Disrespect a fellow contestant before or during the race will be punished with e time penalty of 30min.

- Endanger the Health of fellow contestants is a reason for disqualification according to the decision of the referee.

- Disobey the referee, chief referee or doctor is a reason for disqualification.

- Tossing garbage or harming the environment in any other way will be punished with a time penalty. Mammut Tahtalı Run To Sky is a environmentally friendly organization .

- Not help a fellow contestant in need of help will be punished with a 30min time penalty.


Mammut Tahtalı Run to Sky Disclaimer and Acceptance Rules Declaration

- The contestant who finished the race in the shortest amount of time wins

- Chest number must be visible at all times.

- The race starts at a specified time and together

- No changes can be made to the track

- No money prize will be given for the race but all contestants who complete the race will receive a medal.

- The contestants who don’t own the necessary tools, will not be accepted for the races.


In this type of organizations, the implementation of the penal system is linked to the respect towards the environment and organization and all rules shall be applied strictly.

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