The always filled Çiralı village opens its doors mainly to tourists coming from abroad during winter and spring. Except for the summer months you will find the opportunity to see hikers of the Lycian way throughout the year. As the most beautiful trails of the Lycian way are situated in this area it contributes to the promotion of the region.

There are approximately 100 boutique hotels in Çiralı.According to your pleasures you will be able to stay in a hotel on the seaside , on the creek side or on the mountainside.






Specific areas will be allocated for tent accommodation. Through the link above you can get more information about the different hotels in the area. You can be accommodated in Bed and Breakfast or half board type.You can find hotels , bungalows or motels near the beach, near the forest or near the creek.

All hotels are close to the registration area and starting point .During the period of the race you can get into the sea in the Ciralı area as the temperature will be about 23degrees.If you get lucky you can maybe witness the Caretta Caretta turtles hatch out and reach the sea.

  • Aida Hotel
  • Nerissa
  • Olympos Lodge
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