Always occupied Çıralı Town opens its doors mostly to the tourists coming from different countries in winter and spring time. Except the summer time, you can see Lycian way hikers every month.Since the most beautiful routes of Lycian way is located in this area, it contributes to the promotion of the area. You can stay in a hotel near the stream or near the sea or if you want you can stay in a hotel on the mountainside in Çıralı where almost 100 boutique hotel is located.

Accomodation types are Bed&Breakfast or Half Board. You can find boutique hotels,bungalows or motels near the beach,near the forest or near the stream. All the hotels are close to the registration area and start point. At the time of the race, Çıralı region is available for swimming and water heat will be around 23 degrees. .If you get lucky you may witness the Caretta Caretta turtles hatching out and reaching the sea.

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